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    David's guide for the Dual Blades!

    (Credits to Max's blog for this~)
    Team David Has Taken Over. We will be editing this guide to make sure it is completed for David.
    Hiya, back again for some things ~David

    Testing Syntax. brb.


    Version History:

    V 1.6: Lazily made an SP guide; 3rd job/4th job coming soon! Also revamped most of the infromation to relevant Post RED
    V 1.5: Added AP bulid, Did some work for link skills. Added awsum credits
    V 1.4: Added 4th section + more pros/cons!
    V 1.2: Added Asura notes
    V 1.1: Added Pro's and Cons
    V 1.0: Made Guide, established TOC and other things.

    Table of Contents

    [1]: What is a Dual Blade?
    [2]: Pros / Cons, Parameters
    [3A]: Mastery Books
    [3B]: Mastery Book-less DB's
    [4]: What do Db's benefit most from?
    [5]: AP build
    [6]: SP builds
    [7]: Job Advancements

    [COLOR="#006400"][1]: What is a Dual Blade?[/COLOR]
    A Dual Blade is a type of Close-combat Thief. While they start off squishy, weak, and expensive (They stay that way, but for different reasons), they evolve into a powerful, dangerous force to be reckoned with if given the right funding.
    Their primary stat is Luck (LUK) while their secondary stat is dexterity (DEX).
    DBs will max out Luk at 197 (999 Luk) and it will become impossible to add any more points into Luk; you must add points into Dex.
    Dual blades wear Thief gear and use Daggers as their main weapon, and a Katara as their secondary weapon.

    [2] Pros/Cons
    • Probably highest avoid rate out of all the classes , Very high Survivability against monsters their level and monsters lower than DB's level. (4th job)
    • Asura: For ten-odd-so seconds, Steamroll. Seriously, with funds and levels, this move just annihilates. Asura works with Hidden Blade (Soul Contract by Die-hard Koreans) and Mirror image. (According to @Fiel of Southperry's extractions, Hidden blade does work with Asura. Mirror image i have tested myself, it does work.)
    • Practically INFINITE criticals in most situations (MAX Level Shadow Evasion [or meld, depending on your translation] Only with a decent avoid rate, i'd say over 70~80% is required for 100% crits )
    • Higher the level, higher the evasion rate, higher evasion rate = More Shadow Evasion procs, which = more STEAMROLL!
    • Fairly Mobile: DBs can reach max speeds of 160% (123% Jump) and their Double Flash Jump goes pretty far per bound. (On par with Ab's, better than Mercs, and possibly be better than Kasier(?) Most skills like Flying Assaulter, Tornado Spin, and Bloody Storm move you quite a bit also. FJ is a bit rigid, though...
    • Fairly Decent mobbing: While mobbing will never be as amazing as Kasier, Luminous, or AB, Most attacks in 4th job hit 8 mobs at once at max levels. Asura mobs 10 at a time, and can defeat most mobs with ease. As of R.E.D, BF with 20% damage and 2 extra mob count kicks some serious butt, not to mention it has a slightly decreased delay now (
    • 1/1 Guard: See Mirror targeting for more details (although it sucks until max level, and even then, it still is kinda bleh.)
    • Consumes less pots: In 3rd job, Life Steal (10% proc rate: converts 10% of damage into HP, cannot recover more than 20% at a time) lets DBs consume less to none HP pots along with their High Evasion rate. Consumes MP pots fairly frequently, however. (1-3rd job still is a bit POT BURNY though)

    • Evasion Rate is Capped at 90% (95%[?] with flashbang and possibly other blind-inducing skills)
    • VERY EXPENSIVE. The cost of Mastery Books and Skill books (If you do decide to buy) and the price of good gear have gone up due to bandwagon.
    • NEEDS LOTS OF FUNDING AND/OR PATIENCE TO BE SUCCESSFUL. (Perfect scrolled +9 Emp dagger and +8 loveless will help you ALOT)
    • Evasion Rate is lower against Higher level enemies
    • Without Evasion Rate, Dbs become somewhat/very squishy
    • Dual Blades are VERY BORING before you get Skill books. (Although, isn't every job boring before then?)
    • Skill Books are hard to find; the drop rate from some bosses was nerfed with the Phantom Patch. While Czak is more viable, it may be hard for you to find a run, let alone survive a run unless attackers are strong and you are able to survive seduce. Often players won't like playing without them because Dbs are often weak or feel "lacking" without them.
    • PLAYERS ALMOST MUST BUY NEXON CASH FOR SOME MASTERY BOOKS FOR IMPORTANT SKILLS. You will WANT THEM. I consider them a requirement if you want to play a DB, it doesn't matter how you get books, just pass them and YER GOOOD!
    • Somewhat Pot burn (1st~3rdjob)
    • No party buff skill (besides MW)
    • No "real" Debuff skill (Only flashbang, which kicks ass for us)

    • Post RED: Double FJ and Asura work, but it takes some time getting used to the timing and sometimes it doesn't flat out work
    • Hidden Blade (level 150 Hyper Skill) and Mirror image work with asura.
    • You cannot go through portals or use any teleporters (Like the one to enter hidden streets) while using asura.
    • You can use potions during Asura.
    • Asura works with Shadow Evasion (Meld)
    • You cannot jump down through platforms while using Asura.
    • You CAN use Flash Jump and Regular jump with using Asura.
    • Asura retains all speed/jump stats.
    • If you are given a status effect during Asura, the effects persists as normal, EXCEPT:
      Seduce: You will keep on attacking, but your movement and ability to use other keys / potions will be locked down.
      Seal: You will also keep on attacking, but if you do not cure seal, You will still not be able to use new skills.
      Bind: (the thing where you need to mash left and right): cancels Asura and MI completely
      Note: Asura's time limit still applies even if you are caught by seduce/seal during the skill time.
    • Asura's Cooldown (90 seconds) is actually the time for Empress DR(?) [Not sure since this was tested pre-Unlimited patch] and Hilla DR (about ~91 ish seconds)
    • Asura can go for 12 seconds with level 100 mechanic character card
    • If you use sudden raid, then asura immediately after, you won't have a wind-up/immobile time

    [3A] Mastery Books & Skill Books
    Dbs can now buy their Mastery books from Leafre (4th job) and the Potion shop in DB base (everything before 4th job) [Although i don't know where Thorns/Blade fury go in this case

    [3B]: Mastery Book-less DBs
    There are two "Types" of MB-less DBs.
    1.)Those who don't get Books at all.
    2.)Those who don't get Cash shop books, but want to get 50% chance books from MMBs or player stores Obsolete. I'll show you why.
    Alright, Option 1.) doesn't work. Sorry. You'll suffer HUGE Damage problems both in 3rd/4th job, and a dent to mobbing in 2nd job. Not to mention that you can't job advance
    Both mobbing and Bossing depend on those books.
    Although most DBs (usually Pro ones) hate Bloody storm with a passion, I love it, it's a good transition move if you're not close enough to hit the enemy, but too close to FJ to.
    Bloody storm is just plain useful 3rd job.
    Option 2.) This pretty much requires a high-level main character (120+, but higher than 140 is undeniably good) or someone who's willing to support you with books/money.
    This also is a luck-based way, so you're going to lose ALOT of money.
    another solution to either of these is to wait for event books, which usually give books with a 100% success rate.

    [4]: What do DBs benefit the most from?

    Note: For character cards, DS is more towards bossing, Lumi is geared more towards bossing also, Xenon and DA benefit all situations, and so does CS.AB is for a short time, and is better with asura than PB. Mercedes, Kaiser, and Phantom are left out of this, but if you want to help surviabliity / Leveling, go on ahead.

    1st: Mastery books / Skill books/ Awesome Weapons and %Luk gear,
    2nd(A):Viper Character card (Accessible year around) [Adds x Range per level of character affected) Demon Avenger Link skill(5%/10% damage
    2nd(B): Link skills such as Xenon(5%/10% all stat), ),Luminous (10%/15% Ignore Passive Defense Rate [PDR]), Demon Slayer (10%/15% boss damage) , Angelic Burster (30%/45% damage for 10 seconds with cool down of 90 seconds) [Affected by Merc and Mechanic character Card], Cannon Shooter (+15 all stat and 5% MAX HP/ MAX MP / +25 all stats plus 10% MAX Hp/MAX MP at level 2)
    Character creation is limited, which is why i put this as 2nd(B)
    2nd (C): Damage buffs such as Evan's soul frenzy, Union aura and other auras from Battle mage, and so on...
    3rd: All other equipment
    4th: S or above rank character cards, Mercedes and Mechanic character card (Reduce cooldowns and increase Buff time) [These DO WORK with Hyper skills]
    5th and beyond: Everything else

    [5] AP BUILD
    Do Auto-stats, which will automatically pump into Luck.
    After tempest, secondary stats are not needed for any equipment.

    [5] SP BUILD
    1st Job: Just do all the required quests, the ones with a (전직) Prefix. If you can't finish a certain quest, forfeit and try again.

    Level 10: +1 Bandit slash
    11: +3 FJ
    12: +2 FJ
    13~20: Save SP

    1st Job + (level 20)
    20: Max out Self haste, Dual wield Mastery, and put remaining SP into Tornado Spin
    Max out Side step and then Dark sight from the last job.
    Save some more SP, if you can
    2nd Job (Level 30)

    2nd job + (level 45)

    3rd job (level 60)

    4th job (level 100)


    Level 100: Blade Fury+1 Blade fury Sharpness +1 Sharpness +1

    Hyper skill notes ( POST RED)
    [List][*] All Hyper skills are affected by Buff duration without penalty or reduced effect if they're Active skills.[*] Epic Adventurer (level 200 Hyper) can be dispelled.[*] Asura and Double FJ works, but some people may have a trouble pull it off due to lag or delay issues.[*] [Ski]Hidden blade[/skill] cannot be dispelled.

    Credits to....
    Leafre for being awesome~
    Max's blog for pictures
    Team David for helping me~ You guys/Gals/Indeferents are so great~
    @Nick, because @Nick does everything, duh.
    Last edited by David; 08-13-2013 at 03:44 PM. Reason: Changed ALOT Of info

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    So much win. I don't even.....

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    This is amazing and well done. I don't have a dual blade, do you think they'll bring it back and let you make one again in GMS?

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    David needs verification of New job advancement levels and which jobs get SP upon advancement. (And how much)
    TO the guy above me:
    The Next DB re-release in GMS is when Theif/Pirate/Cannoer/DB hypers get released, which is in about 3~5 patches (Maybe more)
    However, they don't come with skill book events (I believe they get other events, but i'm not sure atm)



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