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    I can't see the images used for skills

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolidusSnake View Post
    Well since there was never a viper guide i will be the first to guide you fellow vipers on what to max

    1st job skills:
    Bullet time

    Somersault kick

    Double shot


    Critical strike

    Skill build
    Put 1 point into Somersault kick then max critical strike
    followed with dash.
    Then you should max the kick and bullet time
    Since you cannot save sp you dump the rest of the points into double shot

    2nd job skills:

    Knuckle mastery

    Knuckle booster

    Corkscrew punch

    Hp Boost

    Mental clarity


    Physical training

    Put one skill point into corkscrew or tornado your choice
    Then proceed with maxing knuckle mastery
    Then after your done maxing knuckle mastery you should do max in this order Physical training, Mental clarity, Hp boost, Endurance, and corkscrew punch
    After that dump the rest into tornado
    3rd job skills
    For 3rd job put one point into double spiral as you job advance

    Stun mastery

    Roll of dice

    Energy charge

    Energy blast

    Critical rage

    Willows defensive

    Shock wave

    Double Spiral

    Skill build:
    Dump your first point into double spiral
    then after that max critical rage after that max the following in this order, Energy Charge, Roll of dice, Stun mastery, Energy blast, Double Spiral, Then dump the remaining into The somewhat useless shock wave

    4th job Skills

    Speed infusion

    Time leap

    pirates revenge

    Maple Warrior

    Dragon strike

    Fist Enrage

    Energy blast AKA Kamehameha


    Natalius strike

    Double dice

    Guard crush
    Skill build:
    120: put one point on dragon strike,speed infusion, and Energy blast
    121: 1+ Viperization 1+ Double dice 1+ Fist Enrage
    From there just max Pirates revenge Then when that is maxed, max double dice
    Then proceed with viperization after your done with viperization you should max energy blast
    After energy blast max Fist enrage Then dragon strike first, then you proceed to max Guard crush
    If you do not have Maple warrior or do not want to purchase it max time leap then speed infusion
    At the end you should putting your points into Natalius Strike
    You forgot to include the willow defence skill....... in how you should disturbed the ap......

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    The only thing wrong in this guide is that it's kinda messy.. (I'm used to read guides which have the skill assignments line ( level 29 +3 double shot etc. ))
    However it's nice that people try to help the community with their own insight of things :)


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