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    Red face Fate Stay Night and Fate/Zero

    Hey Guys! Yes! I am Back!!
    I started school on monday of this week and i have had some time on my hands
    i watched Fate Stay Night because some people reccommended it to me...
    It was freaking amazing, however the ending did not go how i wanted it too
    my reason (contains spoiler)

    because of the sad ending. i had to look it up and watch it 3 times to fullly understand it and
    be happy that she got what she wanted and because of he was her scabbard
    he was able to be with her forever a part of her always with him and possibly, she was with him, once she closed her eyes.
    idk, hard to interpret in a optimistic way

    So starting today once i get home from school im going to start watching Fate/Zero
    because everyone was like Fate/Zero 100x better than Fate/Stay even tho i loved Fate/Stay so im excited xD
    then after that a friend told me to watch guilty crown
    (yes i have only seen like no anime) i absolutely love anime
    ive only seen angel beats, code geass, High school of the dead, Elfen Lied, Fate/Stay, and soon to be Fate/Zero

    and something else that i wanted to annouce that is BIG
    if you have seen fate/stay and you wanted a diff ending or something i dont know i know that Utaksu or however u spell the company's name
    they are making a new Fate/Stay
    He did say it was going to be a Fate/Stay maybe a continued story idk, maybe a remake, he did not specify, he annouced this on errr the last friday of july...
    So it wont bew out for prob at least 8-12 months at best
    all i know is im excited!!
    Feel free to leave any commments, suggestions for animes, (all the ones ive seen i loved)

    feels so good to be back
    BTW IF YOU PLAY GMS!! Come To Khaini and play with me im so lonely HueHueHue

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    Try Shingeki no Kyojin, it is an extremely good anime.
    also might want to try Nichijou or Seitokai no Ichizon if you want a good laugh.

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Message: :)Celebrate!
Gift received at 08-14-2012, 10:22 AM from KremeChoco
    It's ufotable who's making the F/SN remake. Not sold on it since the Fate series has been milked to oblivion already.

    If you really wanna enjoy F/SN I highly suggest playing the VN. The anime adaptions are half arsed at best and you will truly understand the plot in the novel.



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