Is there any anime similar to Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu? Please not too much harem. Don't give something like R17 anime High School DxD. It's considered porn. Don't search it if you're not 17 yet.
I like the anime a lot.
It has funny scenes, a bit of love, a girl-like boy, a perverted boy, a scary girl holding a taser forcing someone to sign the marriage certificate, cute chibi avatars fighting, and it's in school!
Ya, I love Hideyoshi

My favorite scenes:

(Translation: Say it again. I like you. Please go out with someone.)

(Translation: I know you both don't have relationship with girls, but don't let others see.)

(The cute Kinoshita twins. I love Twincest xD, there is no twincest in the anime, I just read fan fictions.)

(Translation: Aren't these the same problem?)

(The perverted boy... He became perverted because of his Physical Education. His PE marks are better than his teacher! His about 770+ while his teacher is 400+)
By the way, will there be Season 3? I hope so!