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Thread: Changing Earth

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    Changing Earth

    This has nothing to do with maple

    Chapter 1 The Cracked Nut

    Every second sitting here feels like hours going by. Every minute that passes the closer it gets to me reporting my failed mission, or (and) all those lost lives. Just thinking about what happened that day makes me want to go kill myself. Why was I the only one that lived, why.....
    "Sergeant Major Rogerson, The Chief Warrant Officer Davidson will see you in his office now."
    The dreaded moment has now come. As I walk in to the Warrant Officer's office I notice the instant change in mood, I could hear some classical music playing in the back ground. I can't identify who it was but it was very calming. The Chief is writing on some sort of document as I approach. When I get closer to the desk he looks up and notices that I'm there.
    "Come in Sargent and sit down" So I pull the chair back and take a seat.
    "So I take it your here to report your mission?" Asks the Warrant Officer in a bored tone.
    "Y-yes sir I a-am" I replied, as I failed to hide my nervousness.
    -sigh- "go ahead and start from the beginning".

    "Well it all started after we got our mission operation Cracked Nut that's when all hell broke lose....."
    "It was May 6th 2146 we were just given the mission "Cracked Nut". The mission was take out some religious nut that was taking rise in the middle east. My team spent several weeks tracking down the leader of the crazed new religion. We were able to find out who the leader was, after following some sources and a few fire fights. This supposed leader of the new religion was someone they called the Chosen One. Oddly enough that was all we were able to find out about the guy, no one knew anything else about him, it was very strange. But that didn't stop us we eventually found where this guy was located, yet again we went through several informants and several more fire fights just to get this piece of information. On June 20th 2146 was the day we confronted him. It was 6:30 in the morning and we were 2 blocks down from his base of operations. We were preparing to storm the building.
    "Rogerson, so whats the plan of attack" inquired lieutenant Charles. I pull out the blueprints of the base of operations and unfolded them onto the hood of our vehicle.
    "First things first is to enter the building on the east side entrance.", as gesture toward the east side of the building. "Lieutenant Charles and lieutenant Bull's Eye are going to be our cover fire as me and David enter the premises. After we enter we're going to go down the hallway 5 meters. We're going to take left and climb the stairs to the next level. Once we get to the next floor we have to take the targets out at the entrance of the door to the left and right. After that we'll be on the ceiling and the target should be there and we take him out. Everyone get that?"
    "Yes sir!" they responded in unison.
    "Let's move", we moved and activated the plan, Charles and Bull's Eye were covering me, as David and I approached the building. Everything went according to plan we got the door, we breached the door. I signaled for Charles to take point and Bulls Eye to take the back so we entered and were walking down the hallway according to the plan, but that's when all hell started to break loose. One of the enemies jumped out of no where and grabbed Bull's Eye without anyone noticing. That was until he screamed. By the time we had turned around and registered what had happened Bull's Eye already had his throat slit. As our buddy was falling we opened fire on the enemy target. After we had fired a few rounds the guy had fallen. We go over to check to make sure the target was dead and to confirm our buddy was dead. As I walked up to target and knelled down to confirm his death, he suddenly spoke up.
    "May you die by the hands of the Chosen One"spoke the dying man in Arabic.
    "Go to HELL!!!!", I shouted in my rage.
    "Long live the Chosen One!!" Shouted the dying man as loud as he could in Arabic. I pull the barrel of my rifle in front of the man's face and pull the trigger. All you hear is the residual sound of the gun shot dissipating through out the room. We stood there for a several seconds in honor of our buddy, Bull's Eye. But that's all we could give him, for we had a mission to complete; even though he was no longer with us."

    I'm looking for your guys opinion on how you think i did
    (or you could view it here)
    Pleas check out my story that i am writing here.

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