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Thread: not much Cnc

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    not much Cnc

    jonathan productions.jpg

    ehh it is not semetrical and the headphones are in the wrong position.

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    So much to criticize, shall i begin?
    1.The head: it looks weird, kind of like a triangle, or too wide. Remember:When drawing an anime characters head it is shaped kind of like an oval or an egg. so keep making circles until you find the perfect one.
    2. The eyes and the nose: One eye is bigger than the other. the nose looks like it's facing to the right. (Are you trying to draw him looking to his right?) If you are i can provide you with many tutorials
    3.Headphones: Take a look at realism, take a picture of headphones on your head and ask yourself: "What do they look like when the other half is covered?" Headphones are NEVER crooked unless broken.
    4.Hair: I see some parts not even covered with hair, is his hair supposed to be like that?
    5. The neck: It's too short, it makes him look like he barely has one. Lengthen it a bit please.
    6. Shading: Your shading looks all over the place, i honestly can't tell where the light is coming from.
    All in all i see potential in your drawings, you just need to practice more! I have tutorials i follow for anatomy, and i'm practicing realism. You should give realism a shot because i've heard from many artists friends that realism helps a lot, and i've been practicing realism and i've seen a really big improvement in me drawing hands. So give it a shot! keep drawing! and never give up because eventually, you will be at the point you want to be in art. Also take some classes if tutorials can't help you! find a friend! whatever floats your boat ^^
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    Credits to Sai for the hair. Sai from maplemation :D
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