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Chong's Life Entry #10: Class Council Camp

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by , 03-22-2014 at 06:55 AM (1241 Views)
Hey guys, so I sacrificed my family time this term break just to attend this class council camp, which I actually found to be quite enjoyable.
I might have mentioned this before, but I'm just gonna repeat that I'm elected to be the class chairperson, which is kinda weird since I've just arrived and the entrusted me with this Herculean task of being a class chairperson. And as a class chairperson, we are part of the class council and we have a camp this term break to train our leadership skills.

Okay so on the first day, we had a workshop about leadership and project management by an organisation called Trybe. We learned the steps to planning a project and how to brainstorm ideas. To put this into test, we had to make a simple meal for the other teams, taking the type of food, the ambiance and the theme into account. We started cracking our brains and finally we came up with the theme of airline food. *ba dum tss* *boooooo* We split ourselves to different jobs and finally we finished the food just in time for the other teams to taste it. As I said 'airline food'...we bought McDonalds so yeah. We got a 6/8 for food, 7/8 for ambiance, but 3/8 for service just because someone in our team asked the 'passengers' to be quiet...awkward. Well pretty much everything is the same for leadership workshops, so I'll just sum it up by saying it was fun.

Then comes the time for us to have fun together. After the workshop we are left to our own devices. We played games for the evening. First is 'Entanglement' where every level forms a circle and hold hands randomly so it looks like a big mess of arms. Then we have to straighten it out and the one who finishes the fastest wins. So we wasted some time on holding hands itself since it's not really messy, but we managed to get 2nd place which isn't really saying much since we only have 3 levels. Then comes 'Spartans and Apaches' where the planning committee gives orders to either Spartans or Apaches which are just chairpersons and vice-chairpersons respectively. My friend, Gerard, decided to screw it when they said 'Spartans move 8 steps forward' and he took 8 huge steps until he almost reached the enemy's side. And when they announced 'Spartans attack!', he was so confused even though prey was just literally around him. That was the one where we had the most fun. Finally we played 'Storyteller' where we have werewolves, hunters, fortune-tellers and villagers. Wolves kill people at night, and hunters hunt for wolves, and fortune-tellers discuss who the werewolves are. Our job is to discuss who are the werewolves and convict him. Well people wanted the game to end quickly so they volunteered as tribute...kinda like the Hunger Games where people volunteered to die. Then at night we had to elect a Level Head which is basically the head of the whole level and has to take care of a lot of shit. I voted for Gerard since he seemed very responsible and reliable, but the results were kept secret till tomorrow. Also I have to mention was a sleepless night. We actually snuck out to talk about some random stuff at 12 am.

Day 2. In the morning instead of physical training, we played 'virus' where 2 people are assigned as catchers and they had to catch others, kinda like a virus spreading. And when you caught 5 people in a chain you can break it and catch others. So we just chased each other like maniacs all around the hall. Then comes 'H2O' where there are catchers and you have to cling onto someone to prevent getting caught, and the tricky part is having to cling onto someone of different gender. After that we had 'Amazing Race' and the area is around Singapore's Chinatown. We had different checkpoints, each with different assignments to carry out and because our teacher had to go to the toilet, we ended up starting late. We sprinted to the MRT station which made me feel so nauseous. We went to Esplanade, Chinatown and even the Parliamentary House. When I cannot withstand my nausea anymore I just puked in the toilet. I wanted to carry on but the teacher asked us to stop. I've been enduring it for 2 hours, so it's more or less an uncomfortable experience. So in the end we lost, but we still had fun and this had been a tour around Singapore for me.

So finally it's the announcement of Level Head. Oh, and the Sec 3 level head is actually the overall-in-charge for all the level heads, so anything that has to do with class chairperson has to do with him too. And the Sec 3 level head is...*drum roll* Seriously wtf. I just came to this school for like 3 months and they entrusted me with such an important position. Well according to some, the OIC is usually the one getting blamed when his members aren't performing well...which is why I was so unwilling to do it. And as OIC, I'm always dragged to events, which is just gonna affect my academics badly.

But who knows. It might be good. Just saying.

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  1. BusbyDM's Avatar
    That sound like it was a blast, McDonald's for the win :)
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  3. Mapsel122's Avatar
    Great Work
  4. Sasha PotatoGirl's Avatar
    Awesome ;D