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Chong's Life Entry #9: Common Test

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by , 03-13-2014 at 01:17 PM (1596 Views)
And bada-bing, bada-bam, there goes our very first Common Test in 2014.

Well there's a huge difference in the way marks are calculated here in Singapore. Marks do not solely rely on the ones from the actual exam. In fact, it's the accumulation of many class tests, quizzes, homework and filing to make up the whole term's assessment. This really sucks when I come from an education where you can not do homework and score well in exams, apparently here, not doing homework is the very reason your grades drop. The test itself only weighs up to about 40% of the assessment.

A brief history about my days in Malaysia. Back then we were extreme slackers. No one in class actually bothers to finish up homework because it's just too damn much and the teachers are overly lenient. Even then, we end up getting awesome marks for the one and only term test, and no one cares if you don't write a word on the worksheets. Life was simple back then.

Here, it's a whole different story, even I was gobsmacked. Apparently I usually don't organise my worksheets accordingly because they just end up in the recycling bin or in the incinerator. But when it comes to filing time, shit really hit the fan. Basically the filing and homework alone accounts for 15% of your assessment marks. So let's say you got 60%, with good filing and homework done you can boost your marks up to 75% which is from a B4 to an A1, nice! This whole shit caught me cold, because not only do I have to buy different files for different subjects, I have to arrange accordingly, which is a pain in the ass.

Okay back to my test, we use the L1R5 system, which is 1 language and 5 relevant subjects, like 2 Sciences, 2 Maths and 1 Combined Humanities (Social Studies and Elective Geography). An A1 counts for 1 mark, and the best you can get is 6 marks total. For me, I took Higher Chinese, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Social Studies and Elective Geography.

For Higher Chinese, apparently I failed...not because I have no idea how to do, it's because the questions are too damn confusing, and I simply did not meet the question's standards. For English, I just managed to comprehend the questions' requirements and managed to get a B3. For Physics, the questions are simply mind-boggling, with the four equations of motion coming into play every now and then. Nevertheless I got an A2, still good enough for me since I didn't complete one question. For Chemistry, I managed to get more than the so-called 'passing mark' set by my teacher which is basically A1, and he's a dick. Did I mention how he would get pre-menstrual syndrome just because we didn't take out his notes to prepare for his lesson? And for every question we get wrong he forces us to copy 20 lines of it? Not to mention he has this phony arrogance and looks down on Malaysians, saying that we come from caves. This is the first impression he gave me. For Biology, I don't understand how I got the highest in the class, considering that I didn't study much for it and the China scholars are basically machines studying 24/7. For E Maths, got an A1, but still it's not up to my expectations, considering that I panicked during the paper, and for A Maths I managed to at least finish the paper calmly, and I'm expecting to get A1. For Social Studies, I almost disabled my hand just from writing and for Geography which was quite easy and manageable, I got an A1, no big deal.

So that's basically my overview of my very first common test. Excluding the fail in Chinese my L1R5 is more or less around 9 or 10 which is pretty good for my first time. And for all the papers, one thing in common is for all of them we all had to loosen our wrists before starting the paper, which was really useful considering that basically every paper requires constant writing, especially for Social Studies.

Well that's it for now, I'll update on my Class Council Camp next week. Bye!

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  1. Trance's Avatar
    Wow, this blog definitely shows the difference between Malaysian Education and Singaporean Education.
    You truly state the way Malaysian students are doing nowadays.
  2. darkiller's Avatar
    Nah, my school didn't give marks for filing you work and stuff... but we did have loads of quizzes and projects which counted towards the final grade. Then again my school was a little different from the rest.

    Well you get good teachers and you get horrid teachers. Sad to hear that your $#$! of a chemistry student looks down on Malaysians... I had my fair share of ignorant, 'don't know how to teach', or even just teachers who have inadequate knowledge on the subject matter even though i was from a 'top' school. All the best though!