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Number 1# Well Life is just Life

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by , 03-19-2014 at 07:27 AM (1623 Views)
Hey People, I know it's been a long time since my first blog post or an forum post but now I'm back!
-crowd boos-
Anyways, the reason I've been gone for so long is because of jobs here and there. First I have to tutor students ranged from 5-16 yr olds (mostly Asian becuase I live in Korea but I have 3-4 whites who suprise me by speaking Korean) and that takes around most of the morning and afternoon. Then I have other shit to do like go to places like Hyundai Department Store because I have a part time job but doing all this makes me rich :D. My income flows in nicely and I do streams now and then. At around 9pm I can eat dinner at home. Menu almost always same. Rice, Kimichi, Seaweed, a soup and some other side dishes like salads etc. Then I can play some games but I lost entire memory of KMS and what maplestory even was. That was Of course when I had Skype Tunes coming from the Leafre Skype Chat.
Anyways, I'll be on more than I used to be and I'll be doing me blogs again.
So long suckers :D

21is21~ (God I want to change my Username now.)

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  1. JML's Avatar
    Now you got me craving 반찬... LOL! I'm a college student who can only afford that and rice sometimes :x Gotta head down to ktown asap!
  2. iKhandax3's Avatar
    Okay know i just want to live your life. I mean getting rich eating delicious food
  3. idolevko's Avatar
    how is it in korea?
  4. Asunori's Avatar
    Is Korea nice?