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Number #2 That Asshole

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by , 04-22-2014 at 09:53 AM (2556 Views)
Hey Guys, Been a while since I posted... again. Few things has changed. I got myself a new job as a journalist for my local paper in Korea.
I had a good Easter, though in Easter, you have to work in Korea -.- Overall it was good until my Editor-in-Chief told me to scoop up the dirt on an embarrassing story

Anyways, as most of you should know, there was a big ferry which is sinking near Jeju-Do. You now understand why I made this post called 'That Asshole'.
So exactly what happened? Well here you go. The story I had to study.... dammit.

It was around 8:30 am KST when the incident happened. The boat, 'Sewol' had a turn of 140 degrees toward the right when a heavy tide caused the boat to collapse on to it's side. 3 signals were sent to the VTS Control Tower during the boat was collapsing. The VTS Control Tower and the Captain of the ship (who was 69) had a conversation. VTS tower said to tell everyone to evacuate. Well guess what that son of a bitch did. He decided to reject this 'Golden Time' (as we Koreans are calling it) and told the students,teachers and tourists on the boat to remain in their room. And with that, the Captain and his mates escaped. Son of a Bitch.

As of now April 22nd 6:50 pm KST, there is currently:
Dead: 112
Which gives us a total of 476 people in the boat if you did the maths.
Well what do you guys think?
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  1. BusbyDM's Avatar
    Lolol, but good job getting the job
  2. Asunori's Avatar
    Congratz on getting a job!
  3. skrillexdude's Avatar
    i understand you called this post that asshole damn selfish captain
  4. Nautilus's Avatar
    I heard about it because the music video release for EXO's new song got pushed back. I did some research on why it got pushed back and this came up so I fully understand what's happening with that. What I didn't know, until I read this, was that the captain of the ship was a complete dickwad and values his own life than hundreds of other peoples'. That's pretty ridiculous. Anyways, I congratulate you on your job and hopefully there won't be anymore deaths that happen with that situation.
  5. Trance's Avatar
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting your job done.
    Now, let's get to the topic. IF I were a captain, I received an order like this. I would have announced the situation to the passengers and requested immediate evacuation. It's dangerous. That captain is indeed ... a dick. It's so ridiculous. If I take the same move as him if I were the captain of the boat, I'd rather exchange my life for my passengers than living being ashamed of yourself. As far as I know, two Korean citizens did way better than him, and the two kids. I respect these guys but the captain. NO CAN DO.
  6. tsutchie's Avatar
    Shit happens, just keep you head up bro ^^
  7. goldenhawk239's Avatar
    Hope you can make the best of your job