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  1. Chong's Life Entry #5: Rejection

    by , 10-14-2013 at 08:07 AM
    Well this is it, the day of confession.
    I can't say that it's a confession, because it involved my friend, so it's like indirect confession.
    And apparently I got rejected (maybe), here's the story:

    One of my girl friends, who is also my crush's ex-bestie (now her enemy) overheard that I wanted to confess on Monday, so she chipped in, saying she wanted to help me. I asked her for advice, since she's been with her for a whole year, so she knows her attitude. So I listened
    Real Life
  2. Victory!

    , 11-02-2013 at 06:04 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gin View Post
    Hello all!
    My application finally got accepted on the second try and after 1 week!
    I am so happy & can't wait to play!
    See you all in game~

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