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  1. Sundays. 11-1-15

    by , 11-01-2015 at 07:01 PM
    Happy November, everyone. I'm excited this month because this is my birthmonth and thus soon it will be my birthday. I honestly can hardly wait to grow a year older.
    My hand is almost completely healed, and my foot has been hurting a lot less than what it had been before.
    So, Sunday, as of right now atleast, wasn't anything special. I'm a Christian, so of course, I go to church on Sundays.
    I'm not sure if I have school tomorrow. I had heard from someone that there was no school ...
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  2. Pre-Revamp Evan's Last Moments - 10/31/15

    by , 10-31-2015 at 09:55 PM
    I only learned yesterday that Evan has been revamped in KMS. I was so excited to see him be revamped I couldn't wait.
    I made a brand new Evan and decided to casually live through its story, and have a taste of my final moments with most of Evan's old skills. I don't plan to get him to lv. 250 (I never have done that as I get too bored of the current class beforehand)
    but I just plan to relive the class I really began with that has held a special place in my heart.
    He is currently ...
  3. Victory!

    , 11-02-2013 at 06:04 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gin View Post
    Hello all!
    My application finally got accepted on the second try and after 1 week!
    I am so happy & can't wait to play!
    See you all in game~

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  4. Maple To Do List

    by , 10-10-2013 at 04:29 PM
    1. Get zero to 200 - 200% left

    2. Do the crosshunter chain quest

    3. Give up alchemy, train blacksmithing to lvl 10, make my gold rebel hat and overall (hopefully it doesnt fail), give up blacksmithing, and train alchemy back to lvl 6 or more... :X

    4. Make a merc link skill mule

    5. Make other link skill mules...? e.g.... xenon? DS? Will need to expand char slots though... :(

    6. get zero beyond lvl 200?

    7. ...
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  5. free

    by , 10-04-2013 at 02:18 PM
    ok, its been a while since i updated you guys here (is anyone even reading this?)

    i did get my new job, and i'll be starting at the end of this month. just settled all the medical check up stuff today...

    and my old job ha. i'm done with it through and through. originally the resignation date was set for next friday, but my boss wanted to use me till the end to do the cell harvesting for her. i told her i'm not going to go to work at 6+am to do it, and government rules ...
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