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  1. Pueri/Provata

    by , 10-31-2015 at 03:36 AM
    Hi. I'm TNPueri, or Provata. I am an American GMS player that can be found on Windia, Broa, or Galacia.
    Before I go on, I want to thank Subaru246T on DeviantART for making the awesome image of my F/P Archmage.
    Well, I'm a dude. I'm wanting to play KMS someday, and well, I thought I may as well get started with my own blog.
    I'm not sure what one does in blogs because I rarely do them. But I figured it will help me on my way, so here I am.
    I'm a pretty funny guy, or so ...
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  2. When did we get a blogging thing here? Oh well...

    by , 07-01-2014 at 07:30 PM
    I'm Rice. For those who knew me before I became an Elite, I'm Ryss. I go by Eve now. I retired from my Elite position after a few things happened, so. I just go with the flow. I'm 18, I work at a grocery store, I basically have no life because a life worth living is a life worth taking.

    Anyways, I don't play games much ever anymore as I focus on music news mainly now. I listen to most genres, but I'm mainly (wait for it...) into Technical Death Metal and other extreme genres. Currently, ...
  3. Carry on

    by , 10-22-2013 at 07:39 PM
    First of all i wanted to say . I'm sorry for not be able to online much as i have many beautiful things happen in my life .

    Well. My friend bought STEAM games from the offers, DR2 , so i played with him for like 2 days . Next . Next we play old games like Dead Island again , and also some STEAM offers % discounts like Batman Arkham City ...

    After that I also downloaded some few games playing with my days . like recently release The Wolf Among Us . and also watching ...
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  4. [Inkling #9] School's back.

    by , 09-06-2013 at 01:45 AM

    So far I've experienced my first two days of college and it was pretty fun, all my teachers were funny and gave out a vibe that tells you that you could trust them. "lol"

  5. Number #0 Introduction. HELLO THERE

    by , 07-26-2013 at 10:26 AM
    IF IT AIN'T OBVIOUS YET, I'M 21is21.
    So hows it all going?
    Let me tell you some things about me

    My name is Will and I'm 20 years old and currently living in Korea by myself. I am addicted to the cello so I was studying music. (Until I got a job) I am a tutor who teaches Korean Kids English and Maths (Honestly fun) I joined Leafre and my name was Darkflamez. You know, one of those try-hard noobs who get 3 infractions in 2 days. (I only did get 3) I am a Sectional ...
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