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[Inkling #2] Nexon Korea's Surprises

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by , 01-25-2013 at 04:56 AM (10515 Views)

Hai again <3

In this post I will be talking about the new both pleasant and unpleasant surprise from Nexon Korea.

Now here we have the new Level 150 Set from Root Abyss, the second level 150 set in all maple existence. "JMS received the first 150 Set" and the set effects will give 30 Job Main Stat "15/15 Str Dex for Pirate", 1.5k HP and MP for 3 Piece, 20 Attack/M.Attack, 40% Boss Damage for the 4 Piece Set Effect.

It's pretty good and they made it worth it to get because we can combo this with Tyrant, Nova, and Helisium Equips.

But yeah new set new challenge, to obtain these equips I'm not sure but it will obviously be somehow obtainable when you defeat a Chaos Boss "I'm leaning toward defeating the Root Abyss Chaos Versions for the Chaos Runs to buy the box and hopefully get it there".

You would think that after a while Nexon would run out of ideas for eyes and hair, well here it is. Knights Of Cygnus will now be running around with their new pimp feather hats and their somehow overpowered damage to nerf. It's a decent look really but where are we going with all these random job releasing orders? We go from Hero Luminous to Nova Kaiser and Angelic Burster next to Resistance Demon Avenger and Xenon and presently Knights of Cygnus seriously what's going on. o-o

To think that Nexon would go over level 200, this is just crazy. But this is what we see but yeah if your wondering they did mention that new places to train and new abilities will follow this new level cap so for all you people out there get ready to QQ, Rage Quit or just keep playing without caring.

Well I found these two random mobs walking around and when I hit them they showed a weird damage icon "I won't bother translating it" well after I killed them they dropped these Blue Letters and when I double clicked them it automatically opened Monster Life and took me to another farm. So um what was the point of that o_0


Well today I went to visit the guidance counselorto check up on everything, I dunno maybe I magically missed a credit which could ruin my life and make me not able to graduate this year. But obviously nah I'm already in the no worries zone so yay, especially this year because my school announced that they will be doing something special for this year's graduating class of 2013 "My class" we will be graduating using UFT's "University of Toronto" area of something "Sorry I forgot, not like you need to know exactly where ; D"

So at the moment what do I have to do for homework?

  • Presentation for English
  • School Mural Ideas
  • Make a video using
  • Keep working on Portfolio

I didn't do any of those still because I haz no skewl tommorow :3 "Special Optional Event at school but I decided not to go", a day of relaxation at home yay. Which reminds me that the Japanese School Day Offs are only on Sundays which sucks : (

So the Internet Service Provider "TekSavvy" has confirmed it's date of coming to my place at January 28th between the times 5-8 PM to install the internet. We also bought a modem from them but there's no built in wifi so we gotta buy that later :/

Oh one more thing before I go use my last 2x EXP Coupon for 10 DIPQs, you know Tablets and iPads right? well can someone please tell me how it's more useful than the iPod + Phone Combo or the thing called a Computer or Laptop? I really don't see the nessessity my sister claims it has so I'm hoping you readers could tell me? "Me browsing google usually makes me D/C damned cell phone internet"

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