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A busy life

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by , 04-30-2013 at 04:38 AM (1442 Views)
Well, i guess my time of serving Leafre may come to an end. Just maybe, this new life really fill all gaps in my schedule and plans. It's not simply just work and school, sigh.
Though i can't do the serve Leafre anymore, i appreciate the moment i helped those newbies and people who wished to be an expert mapler in Leafre. Well that makes me happy enough, just hope they will stick to the site and grow stronger.
If sometime i'm free, i'll try my best to do something mean for Leafre community (not about money of course cuz i'm poor lol).
~Well, have fun Mapling with Leafre~

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  1. BubbleHolic's Avatar
    ;/ awww Hope you do good in school o_o work hard~ then come back ^___^
  2. Jarno130's Avatar
    good luck
  3. Anzel's Avatar
    Wow :< Bai man, you were a great addition to leafre.
  4. Scarlet's Avatar
    Bye VN. Good luck with everything. You were an awesome member of leafre
    Updated 05-03-2013 at 11:48 AM by Scarlet
  5. imVN's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I'm still playing sometimes when i'm free. So....we can still see each other. hehe
  6. 제프 Chong's Avatar
  7. Takumi86's Avatar
    good luck I do understand life has many obstacles and we have to face them head on I know fersure that you will make it through and be back in no time so don't sweat it just be your best !
  8. Tang Yuan's Avatar
  9. zysern's Avatar
    A moment of silence for our fellow friend VN......
  10. peppy1313's Avatar
    this is kinda like a funeral, your never coming back
  11. PopTaggingYou's Avatar
    Wow so busy man :(.....