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Mirror Mirror

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by , 04-07-2014 at 07:34 PM (1245 Views)

This production I have been working on since December finally came to an end. Compared to the several other productions I worked on, I am grateful that this was the last production I worked on before transferring. This has been everything I wanted it to be. This was truly a remarkable play. I suggest you see it if you see it being performed near you... It's about homophobia, sexual orientation, anorexia, acceptance, and tons of other issues dealt with in high school.
This production was all student ran. Student directed, student designed. I had the relationship with the director, Ana, that I wanted. We became so close. We would go out and get lunch or coffee during our spare time. We would do foolish things too, like do a food run in the midst of rehearsal.

She was new when it came to the technical/designing part of a production. She would turn to me and tell me "is this a good idea? Is this possible?" I would lay it out for her and make her choose. I actually felt so much more involved than my previous productions I stage managed. We went through so many hardships throughout this journey. An assistant director who failed to do his part, a sound designer that was an asshole. But we got through it.

The cast has been fucking amazing. I am so glad each one was casted and stuck to their part. I saw new actors grow and understand acting to the next level. We joked so much together. We bonded. We felt like a family. Whenever we would end rehearsal, it wasn't a simple "ok leave." We would gather in a circle and say how we feel and give a last bow before we left.

I was content that my producer allowed me to design the artwork for it (shown above). I had to get input from my director of what she wanted. She wanted something simple. Something like Andy Warhol's pop art style. So I made this and she loved it.

In the beginning, I was intrigued with how the set would turn out. How could you possibly design a set in an arena stage while the play takes place in 4 places? But our set designer did it. She managed to portray all places in such a minimal space - an auditorium, a gym, a bathroom, and locker room. The set pieces were abstract and able to be used for several different purposes.
I loved our set. The cracked mirror with the gilded mirror. The cracked mirror was a turn table, which amplified moments my director needed.

The song used during the end of the play to curtain call will always be remembered. There's no way I'll ever listen to this again and not think about this production.

I am thankful for the impact this production has made to me. The cast, director, and production team will never be forgotten.

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  1. 제프 Chong's Avatar
    Woo sounds like you had a good time stage managing, glad your hard work has paid off.
    And by the way, I think people will be able to relate well with the show since it's all about the common misconceptions and discrimination towards those people.
  2. tsutchie's Avatar
    great blog ^^/