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First Blog (want to at least pop one of these out a week.)

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by , 05-20-2014 at 12:01 AM (4792 Views)
Hello, my name is Cameron. I'm very new to this blog thing and I'm not very good at writing either but I'll try my best. I'll include a little of my life each blog post along with what happened this week that was interesting.

Anyways, I am eighteen years of age and a college student who, is currently, on a summer break to save some money up for school. I won't give too much personal information but I live in Florida, and moved from Michigan in August 2013. Back when I lived in Michigan, I wasn't a very "social" person. I didn't have many friends, I never went to parties, I didn't do drugs that other kids did, nor did I have a girlfriend. All I did was study and play games (as my free time to relax.)

Now, I have currently been living in Florida for about three-fourths of a year (almost one,) and I feel like I've completely changed as a person. I feel like this change has been good but it has also been making me sad recently because I've noticed. I don't play games as much as I used to, I go out and actually hang out at places with people, I don't watch anime as much as I used to, and I have somewhat more friends. I still don't do drugs since I'm not really interested in harming my body, nor do I have a girlfriend... although recently I've been talking to this girl I actually like.

About two weeks ago (the 9th of May or something) I met this girl through my friend, whom is twenty-five, named Amanda. Amanda is a cute girl, she's about 5'4" and also twenty-five years of age. She is currently my friend's "girlfriend" but my friend is a big time player and usually just has one-night stands with about a girl a week. I feel like he isn't serious but at the same time serious about this relationship with this girl. My friend's mother loves her, and I completely understand because she is such a good girl. The first week I met her, we didn't talk that much... but the second week we hit it off pretty well. We went out Friday and had some drinks with her "boyfriend", Saturday we went out for lunch and later that night came over my house to take a shower and went out again with the "boyfriend", and then Sunday she left because she only comes down weekends due to her job and the distance from her house to here (about 2 hours.) I also got her phone number so we've been texting. This upcoming weekend we're gonna go out again along with my friend (aka the boyfriend), and Saturday she wants to come over, grab some lunch, and go ride on my jetski. Then Sunday it hit me.... the age gap. The age gap is big (like 7 years) and it's been bothering me. I know for a fact that I shouldn't even try to date her and that we should stay friends but its killing me inside because this is the first girl I've actually sat down, talked to her, and learned about what she does, what she likes, and more. I mean, I've had crushes before back in high school and stuff but that was because they were beautiful. This time, I like this girl because of her personality, the interests, composure when going out, looks, and ability to communicate. My heart is saying yes but my brain is saying no.

tl;dr. I like this girl but the age gap is big so I don't know what to do.

Sorry for the unusually long first blog post. I'll post a shorter blog next week, same day.

Have a great week and weekend everyone!

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  1. Trance's Avatar
    That IS a long introduction for a blog. Anyways, you do introduce yourself really well!
    Hello. I am Trance. Boon if you don't mind. Asian. It's a pleasure to meet you here.
  2. a3529080's Avatar
    Nice to meet you. I am in Galicia if you are in the same world we can play together! :)
  3. Ninjashi's Avatar
    Hiya. One important thing to remember is that being a young adult, you will often be put into more and more situations where you have to meet and interact with people your own age. So keep in mind that finding a cool person your own age really shouldn't be too difficult. Being open minded can never hurt :P
  4. Bananna's Avatar
    Hey I'm Rick its a nice blog :D. nice meeting you Lets Be Friends~!
  5. じゃけ's Avatar
    i'm jake! i'm new to leafre and if any one wants to be friends i'm down with it. :D
  6. tsutchie's Avatar
    Nice blog
  7. Chipsi1's Avatar
    Hey! Im Dan, I'm new here, If anyone wants to be friends i'm down :D
  8. PinkBeanIsOP's Avatar
    Hello! i`m new in, I really liked Here >.<