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Hard videos games are so satisfying to beat.

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by , 04-19-2014 at 07:44 AM (753 Views)
Dark Souls 2 is only hard when you want it too be, too bad your only choices are hard and harder. If anyone else has played Dark Souls 2 they should know by now that its hard, not just hard though, it is very satisfying and fun to play as well. The time you spend ripping your hair out for making little mistakes that cause you to die against a simple hollow soldier, or even the fiery inferno that is the smelter demon boss battle, you have an equal if not more time having a blast. the satisfaction of defeating a really hard boss makes all those countless deaths worth it. This sounds like a weird review of the game. Although it isn't a review and I'm not trying to advertise the game, I would highly suggest you play it. The feeling you get when you beat this game is the best, far better than when you beat easier video games.

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  1. Mapsel122's Avatar
    Dark Souls 2 is really challenging but really fun to.
  2. Apocalyptixs's Avatar
    I agree that it is very satisfying when you end up succeeding in doing anything in the Dark Souls series. I've tried both DS1 and 2; in my opinion I found the first one harder than the second one. Not sure if it was because it was my first one and I went into the second one with more experience or whatever. I'm wondering if you (or anyone who reads this) has tried both games and which one they found more difficult.
  3. じゃけ's Avatar
    agreed it is very satisfying when you finish a hard to finish game :)
  4. tsutchie's Avatar
    someone recommend me a hard video game so i can try to beat it