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Flub's Life Diary #2

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by , 09-23-2013 at 08:18 AM (985 Views)
Hi guys, back to my weekly blog,

School holidays have finally happened and I spent my first day of it staying at home playing I don't know how this holiday is going to go but I think it will be a boring one. Got kicked out of the State Champs of Champs comp and really sad about it...I guess that's why I haven't been playing soccer as much lately. Got my KMS account and been playing lots of it to try and feel better about my loss. Lots of damn annoying school projects which means not as much gaming time as I like. Anyways that's all that really has happened the past week.

From the one and only,

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  1. imriredfox's Avatar
    I AM HAPPY That u feel better about your loss
  2. sketchyseed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by imriredfox
    I AM HAPPY That u feel better about your loss
    Thanks, still kinda sad I don't get soccer in the holidays but you get what you get :).