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Am I the only one here? - 10/31/15

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by , 10-31-2015 at 02:15 PM (1250 Views)
After looking round on the site, I feel like its been abandoned for a while, now. A lot of blog entires were either a few months ago or a few YEARS ago.
Anyone there? Its so quiet, here...Maybe its just me and I don't know how to get around?

Anyway, My morning really wasn't anything special. My foot still hurts.

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  1. ChocoFanatic's Avatar
    Yo! Someone is here! Though I just joined yesterday, haha. I was just checking around the web when I saw your post.
  2. baconblitz's Avatar
    Yeah it seems that the site is abandoned for years or months.
  3. vincent's Avatar
    Nope you are not alone
  4. foo huey ling's Avatar
    hello . ^^
  5. foo huey ling's Avatar
    i been wondering . where are all the people ????????
  6. foo huey ling's Avatar
  7. Windigo's Avatar
    Hi from 2017 lol
  8. lewisjun's Avatar
    Hi from 2017-12-21