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Feelings as a Writer,

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by , 07-01-2013 at 12:47 PM (1606 Views)
Hello, it's my first blog in Leafre. *celebrates*

Well, to start off with, recently I joined the Leafre's staff as a writer. So, as a writer, I write.
Eventaully, I got tests out of the blue and I cannot start my day as a Writer here. That day, after the test, I was going to make one about Bishop and I got asked by Andy (KremeChoco). Well, I felt sorry that I was not fulfilling my duty as a Writer when my day started. So, in around 1 hour, I completed the Bishop page for the Wiki Project in Leafre. To be honest, I really like it, typing, typing and more typing. I am really satisfied that what I have done. Well, the addiction doesn't stop so I made one page for Evan. Well, you guys should support us by viewing them! We thank you for using your dearest time to read them and if you think some of them needs modification, send a private message to us, Writers. Even though, we have the rights not to modify it but we'll try our best to do so!

Well, I don't feel anything particularly but man it makes me feel proud as I had contributed something to Leafre's future. I'm over the moon. I hope I'll be dedicated for Leafre even more! *salutes*.

And if you haven't heard a great harmony for a long time, don't hesitate to check out Andy's recommendation here! Behold! The MitchiriNeko March! It's good to hear and quite hilarious to watch! Those cats.

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  1. andrassi's Avatar
    Oh god. That video got me all sorts of happy.
    Thanks, I totally needed that xD
  2. blackraven04's Avatar
    yeah same here