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Why life? Why??

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by , 08-29-2013 at 09:50 AM (965 Views)
Hello there! Trance here.

It's indeed a long time since I have been active as a writer or a player in Leafre.
Time flies really fast, like light speed (3.0x10^8).
Have been working hard for my Malaysian Certificate of Education a.k.a SPM for Malaysians, it's quite tiring to catch up with the syllabus.
Most of the subjects have come to an end, except for Biology, Physics (with the last chapter, Radioactivity), Add Maths and History.
And time are being filled with extra tuitions, language clinics, etc.

Well, the main idea for this blog is to inform users that I MIGHT be on a hiatus for 2 months or 3.
Nothing in particular though, just some revisions to do. Need to get a great result for my further studies (FYI, I like Illustrations and GFX Designing, Generally Multimedia Design).
I'll definitely miss you guys. Rith, I'll be online for some time, so make sure we'll be using that time to complete what we suggested! Okay??

Regarding the writer position, I will not be leaving the team. I still want to be a part of it. If there need to be any updates, I'll notice you by some way.
Thank you, Leafre!

Well, I have to stop my blog here! Thanks for reading it and have fun in Leafre!

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  1. 제프 Chong's Avatar
    Good luck in your SPM!
    I'm taking my PMR too, so I'd also be in a hiatus.
    All the best, and don't forget about us!
  2. mesma519's Avatar
    Always sad to see someone passionate about writing having to put it on pause.
    At least it's for another passion!
    Good luck to your future endeavors!