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    Need friends. =[

    Have you submitted your IGN in this link? : Yes.

    I was looking for a guild and friends, I just started out , I started a WA yesterday but it was so hard to do it alone. I didn't get my account from Leafre. It was too hard to get one, they kept saying I didnt provide enough info, and I need at least 6 well written sentences. But I was honestly puting my soul and time into about as much as I could type words into those boxes. Three times they kept telling me the same thing. I thought that it was utter BS and I knew it was harder to get a KMS so after 3rd times the charm, I gave up. I looked for alternate ways of getting one. And I got one. I asked a Korean from my school who I knew played Maple but didn't know if he played KMS. I asked and he said "Yes, I do play KMS, duhh I am Korean.." We laughed, I asked him, "Could you make me a KMS account because getting one from a site called is too confusing." So the next day he gave me my account and now I am ready to go! Sorry on telling a life story.

    So if someone could please supply me with a guild or friends I would be very glad. I also consider myself fortunate to have had a Korean classmate.
    I also need help with equips and mesos. If anyone is nice enough to do so, I don't know if asking for items is a violation of a rule. But I need the help in all honesty.

    I also wanted to say I am a Soul master now because of the SM revamp release today, (4/24/2013 USA) My IGN is 오미Life. If you don't know how to type Korean, or at least my IGN, it's ["dhal"]Life (OmiLife)

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    I play in Culverin too, what channel do you usually play in?
    Oh, you have to be really reasonable for the 6-sentenced structured part.
    Otherwise they'll just assume you'll only play KMS for a couple of days and leave it.
    Which isn't good because it causes a loot lag. ): But since you got an account, oh well.
    But yeah, Leafre is pretty serious about the applications due to law changes in Korea. xD
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