Mushroom Castle has changed! The doors to the castle have opened up since the King Pepe invasion has been stopped. See what's going on inside the castle walls!

To enter, you must be at least level 60.

You may enter by either going to Victoria's Island: Blue Mushroom Forest 2 map or accepting the invitation on the left side of your screen.

You'll arrive at Banquet Hall where Princess Violeta and Mush King are, as well as a few other people.
It starts out with people trying to cheer Violeta up.
First person up is Minus.

And no luck

Talk to Mush King afterwards
Then Violeta

Now Gamma and Omega want to give it a shot.
Help them collect 10 Mushroom Bulbs from Mushroom Chandeliers.

Now it's their turn up

And they're singing the Maplestory song, which didn't work.

Now John wants to try.
Collect 10 Mushroom Armor from Mushroom Iron Armor

He'll dress up as Mikhail!
Which didn't work either.

Up next: Rolls-Royce. He needs a Bright Rose. Go collect a rose in the far right of the castle.

You spot the rose to the far right of the map

To get there, you must pass a simple jump quest.

Once you reach the rose, it'll run away

Follow it to the next map, which will again be located to the far right.
Pass this second jump quest.

The rose will run away again, however, you block it's path and it'll surrender.

Click on it to take it with you. Bring it back to Rolls-Royce.

His charisma didn't work on Violeta
So, Anna gives it a shot

Do you wanna make a mushroom-man?
(Yes, it's a Frozen reference)

Which didn't work.
She asks you to take a picture of objects that has Violeta's face on it, using Anna's Camera.
To use it, simply double-click it in your Use Inventory. Aim to the place where the object is located, and left click.
To collect the photos , aim at the following places:

Banquet Hall

One map right of Banquet Hall

And the first map of the jump quest

Now give them to Anna.

Talk to Prime Minister
Then Rolls-Royce -> John -> Guard Captain -> Violeta -> Mush King

Accept the quest from Guard Captain.
He wants you to defeat 100 Languid Vikings. They're located in middle portal of the first map to the right of Banquet Hall.
Report back to him.
Now defeat 100 Tired Vikings located a map right of Languid Vikings.
Report back.

The Vikings are now trying to break into the castle door!
Accept the quest from Guard Captain and head right of Tired Vikings

Defend the castle door for a minute from the charging Viking Army.

Head back to the Banquet Hall. There is someone waiting there.

Is it Black Mage?

Nope! Just someone who goes by the name Black Viking.

She will go and kidnap Violeta

You must rescue her!
Talk to Mush King for a plan. The plan is to disguise yourself as a viking to infiltrate their ship.
He'll want you to collect 50 Viking's Helmet from Relieved Vikings (located right of Tired Vikings).
Hand them back to Mush King.
You wear the Viking Helmet and realize you're not gonna fool anyone.
Talk to Mush King for plan B. This plan requires you to capture some vikings for a way to get onto the ship. Mush King will give you 10 Capturing Rope. Go capture 10 Snug Vikings. To capture, simply get their HP about 70% or lower, then use the rope when you're near them.

Take them back to Mush King

The Guard Captain will start to interrogate the four captured vikings.
One of them finally confesses that there is a spring that can get you up to the flying viking ship.

Accept the quest from Mush King and head to the castle door (that was going to be broken into by the army).

What's that? Search around the bushes and...

Aha! A spring!
Jump on it to finally reach the viking ship.

First person you see there is James! As always, he's in the middle of trouble.
Help him escape. Defeat 100 Nice Vikings and 100 Serious Vikings located on the outside of the ship.
Report back to James. He'll now make his escape...

Now, back to the real mission: Rescuing Violeta
Head to the right of the ship and enter inside

This first map here is the Cellar

Take the portal to the left.

You'll see Violeta being worked as a slave to power the ship!

Talk to her to find a way to get her unchained.
She'll tell you to collect 50 Chain Keys from Squid Slave Guards

Unchain her and carry her

Seems like the only way outta here is through a cannon. Click on it to launch yourself back to the castle.

And Violeta is saved!

But we should put a stop to Black Viking first, considering she has the Prime Minister!
Remember the Cellar? Yeah, his room is located on the right side.
Accept the quest from Mush King. You'll need to collect 20 Secret Of The Puzzle Piece. They'll drop from mobs in the Viking Ship. So head back there and start collecting.
Once you have all 20 pieces, go to the Cellar and enter the room on the right.

And you enter..her room

That wasn't expected.
Yeah.. uh anyways. Defeat her!

Alas! Now bring the Prime Minister back to the hall.

You'll be rewarded by Mush King with the following items:
Violeta's Guardian Knight Medal (Lv. 65. +2 ALL STAT, +300 DEF. Untradeable)
She's Too Heavy For Me Cape (Lv. 65. +20 DEF, 5 Slots. Untradeable)

Violeta will then run away.
Go after her!

She just wants to be left alone but you wont nudge.
So she summons a frenzy of explosive mushrooms

Don't get touched by them.
Survive for 45 seconds.

Talk to her afterwards to calm her down.
You'll be transported back to the hall with her.
Talk to Prime Minister then Thorr. You'll need to pay 100K Mesos for Mushroom Panacea.
Give it to Violeta to make her feel better.
She'll tear up.