DN KR 20th Feb 2013 Update

Desert Dragon Nest Memorial
• 4-man mode of desert dragon nest, with new chapters of story quest
• total 4 parts; this update only release 3 of them
• Entry item: Mobius Strip
• Revive: Up to 3 times
• Drop: Dragon Scale, Essence, S-rank Code, Gems
• Chest reward upon clearance:
- Gold Chest : Life essence, Zakad's Eye
- Silver Chest: Diamond

Dragon Nest
• Darklair 3 drop Source which give immunity to Desert Dragon Nest boss attack
• Two new DDN craft potion: Invincible and HP/MP heal
• SDN and GDN practice mode: party size change to 1~8. No longer need a minimum of 5.

Dragon Buff
• After clearing DDN, all players in saint heaven will be buff
Phy & Mag att +7%
Str +70
Agi +70
Int +70
Vit +70

Ladder Season III: 60S Armor
• All ladder point and rating will be cleared.
• New items on Ladder Shop
Helm, Shirt, Pants, Glove, Shoe
Required Rating:1700, 1850, 1800, 1700, 1600
Ladder Point Consumed: 1450, 1550, 1500, 1400, 1300

• Max level increase to 30
• Guild reward increase accordingly. At lvl30, there is no limit on number of guild members.
• New guild rewards
• Guild contribution ranking added.

EX Skill Experience

There are a few line related to the so-call "EX Skill Point" appearing in the client.

Description: EX Skill experience can only be obtained after Lvl50; it is obtained in the same way as normal experience point.

My own interpreation: Very likely, the new EX will not need any book to learn. Rather, you will need to gain EX skill point by "leveling up" and gain these EX SP to learn it.

Desert Dragon Nest Potion

2 type of potions are found:

High Concentration Invincible Potion: can only be used ONCE.

High Concentration HP/MP Heal Potion: can only be used up to 3 times.

Skill Effect Removal
• Option to remove view blocking skill effect.

Skill Adjustment

All Classes
Max paralyze duration is capped at 0.7sec (PVP).

• Wax (PVP) CD is fixed at 30sec, regardless of skill level

• Demolition
- (PVE, PVP) Damage of small cannon is reduced by 50%
- (PVE) Damage increase 20%

• Siege Stance EX
- (PVE) Superarmor increase from 900 to 1200.
- (PVE) Damage reduction is increased from 50% to 80%

• Critical Break
- (PVE, PVP) Damage increase 25%. CD is removed.
- (PVE) Activation chance increase 50% each level.
- (PVP) Activation chance increase 30% each level.

• Cheating Point
- (PVE) Explosion time is changed from 8sec to 10sec
- (PVP) Explosion time is changed from 8sec to 5sec
- (PVE) Damage increase 30%
- (PVE) Increase final damage of caster by 50%, buff duration varies from 8s -12s depending on skill level
- (PVP) Increase final damage of caster by 25%, buff duration varies from 8s -12s depending on skill level

• Evasion (PVP) - Activation chance reduce to 10%.

• Equipped gear lock (for theft prevention)
• Increase of drop rate for entry ticket of Dragon Expedition
• Kali can use job change scroll
• Tear shop item addition: spectacles etc

Dragon Mount

Other minor bug fix and update will not be translated.