In the long-forgotten depths of Altera's history, the Green Dragon, a weapon born of malice and destruction, was created to bring ultimate power to those who sought to rule over Altera. Previous attempts to build such a weapon resulted in failure, but with the power of chaos energy, the Green Dragon was to be the perfect instrument of death...until a group of ancients cut off the flow of energy and stopped the dragon from being fully born. But even they were unable to destroy it outright.

The ancients sealed the dragon as best they could and entrusted the elven and dromaji chiefs with the task of guarding the land from curious adventurers. The dragon became known as Kuzata, "ancient evil," and a prophecy foretold that only the "one who comes with star in hand" could truly destroy it. The elves returned to Arendel, power passed from the dromaji chiefs to their kin, and memory of the terrible Kuzata slowly faded...
[FONT='Lucida Sans Unicode', 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif]
[/FONT]In order to seal the Green Dragon, the elves and dromaji installed totems all across Lotus Marsh and Wayward, a floating island that drew near Lotus Marsh some fortunate coincidence. But the totems on Wayward cause it to stop floating, placing them in danger of discovery. What's more, energy leaking from the totems caused natural disasters, coating the mountains near Wayward in thick layers of snow and ice.[FONT='Lucida Sans Unicode', 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif]
There are many who seek the Green Dragon's power, and with the totems on Wayward now accessible from Lotus Marsh, anything could happen. The dromaji wait with bated breath as a mysterious man destroys the totems one by one, inching closer to his goal of reincarnating Kuzata with each passing minute. Lotus Marsh will soon need a savior. Let's hope that the prophecy was right.

It is said that the "one who comes with star in hand" will vanquish the Green Dragon and gain a piece of its power. Judging by the looks of this new equipment, adventurers will be chomping at the bit to defeat the monstrosity so they can outfit themselves in these powerful scales.