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    Evan and Bishop Q & A Thread!

    The Evan and Bishop Q & A Thread!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    As I have been appointed the 'apprentice' fill - in for the Evans' and Bishops' 'expert' position, I have decided to make a thread so that you guys can post questions that I will answer! I have both of these characters in GMS and I also know a lot about them! I do follow KMS' updates and I will be / am playing KMS so I do know about recent updates and class changes / revamps / reorganizations. ~

    There are just a few questions that I will not answer and a few things that you will have to do:

    • This is a question thread about Evans and Bishops so don't ask about any other classes / stuff that isn't relevant.
    • This thread is not for price checks. Go to the Free Market forum to ask anything related to scroll prices and such. ~
    • When your question is answered, put the word 'ANSWERED' on your post.

    The things that I can think off the top of my head that I will answer are:

    • Quest help.
    • AP / SP builds.
    • Recommendations for anything (related to Evans and Bishops).
    • Job Advancement help.
    • Bossing help. (E.g. Techniques to kill Manon on my Bishop.)
    • Anything reasonable or related to the Bishop or Evan class.

    There are probably more things that I could answer ...

    I hope that this thread benefits everyone in the Leafre community!
    If you have any questions or queries that you do not feel comfortable with about posting on this thread, just PM me and I will answer your question as soon as I can. ~
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    I'm also on GMS, PM me if you are too and want to buddy!

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Gift received at 08-14-2012, 10:22 AM from KremeChoco
    Not yet, buddy, we're still recruiting.

    Currently, we're still on a PM/post-thread system, where people should either be PM'ing the respective Expert or posting a thread.

    The plan is to have a single thread that I'll probably clean out every month or so that will basically be everyone asking questions and the experts should either check it weekly (at least) or have people Mention them.
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