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    EXP Modifiers; the real math behind the scenes

    Common Misconception:
    Normal EXP + 1.5x Card + Merc Link = 1.6x EXP.
    Math: 1.0 * 1.5 + 0.1 = 1.6

    Normal EXP + 1.5x Card + Merc Link = 1.65x EXP.
    Math: 1.0 * 1.5 + (1.0 * 1.5) * 0.1 = 1.65x EXP.

    What's the difference?
    It's not really anything huge, because people still know what you're talking about, but the actual EXP modifier that you're going to have is different than what you're saying.

    How can I tell what goes where?
    We'll divide it up into two parts, EXP multipliers and EXP modifiers.

    An EXP multiplier is something that multiplies your EXP rate, the only possible choices for this is Mercedes Link, Experience Necklace, and Party Share EXP.

    An EXP modifier is something that modifies your EXP rate by a set amount, this includes, but is not limited to, Holy Symbol, 1.5x EXP cards, and 2x EXP weekend rates.

    How to work the maths:
    Find the highest EXP modifier other than Holy Symbol.
    That's your EXP rate (if you have Holy Symbol, add 0.5).
    Your EXP rate should now be 1.0 (no modifier), 1.5 (Holy Symbol or 1.5x card), 2.0 (2x EXP or Holy Symbol + 1.5x card), or 2.5 (2x EXP + Holy Symbol).

    Tally up all your EXP multipliers. Currently, the max is 0.4. (Party Share EXP is a bit awkward to tally up in metagame, but it still exists.)
    0.1 from Merc Link and up to 0.3 from Exp Neck.

    For simplicity' sake, we'll use EXP in flat numbers so you can get a general idea, it won't be so simple.

    If you normally get 1,000 EXP and activate a 1.5x EXP card while having a Merc Link you'll have 1.65x EXP.

    1,000 EXP * 1.5x = 1,500 EXP. This is the number that will show up in white.
    1,500 EXP * 0.1 = 150 EXP. This is the number that will show up in yellow.
    1,500 + 150 = 1650 EXP. This is not 1.6x, but 1.65x.

    So, let's get onto more complicated things.

    2x EXP + Merc Link + HS + Fully Charged EXP Necklace = 3.5x EXP.

    1,000 EXP * (2.0 + 0.5) = 2,500 EXP. White base EXP.
    2,500 EXP * 0.1 = 250 EXP. Yellow merc EXP.
    2,500 EXP * 0.3 = 750 EXP. Yellow EXP necklace EXP.
    2,500 + 250 + 750 = 3,500 EXP. Total EXP.

    Using simple addition for all EXP, this would be 2.0 + 0.5 + 0.1 + 0.3 exp or 2.9x exp, but as you can see it's actually 3.5x exp because 2.5 * 0.4 = 1, so you have to add 1 to 2.5x making your total 3.5x EXP rate.

    Not that anyone is going to use this math, but it's nice to know the real EXP rates.
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    Okay I'm pretty sure the exp rates do get ridiculously complicated, like when someone has 2x during a 2x event and a 1.5x buff aswell as the necklace with hs and the mercedes link. But in the end its really the leveling that everyone cares about rather than actually calculating how much exp there is pretty fun to figure it though it one likes math, I think its fun anyways to keep track on how much multiplier I'm on! especially when I know I have a multiplier that is as high as a private servers!

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    lol , imma just go back to sleep :D

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    It was a bit complicated but then It actually made me try to work it out myself and I see myself as a dumb person

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    nice guide. But thats not quite accurate i think. the number of exp it says on the skill/buff/etc just add them together and u will get the exp of that ammount.



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