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    Attention new members

    I've noticed that many of you like to necropost old updates in order for you to get your post count up, with comments such as "WOW DIS PATCH SUCKED" and "Omg dis patch lol" or even "TSUGOI DESU". This is an address to you, new members of Leafre. Please DO NOT necropost update files -- (actually admins should just make it so you can't comment on KMS updates, that may fix the problem too) as it leads to confusion among other members, and then you get this long ass discussion about what updates are coming.

    For example, and this is not to pick on this member, but a certain meme-ber posted on an update that occurred on 3/16 stating that he did not understand the post. Please take this time to look at your calendar and see that it is April 1st, my only question for this obviously new member would be why he's posting on such an old update, but then I notice that every time you post on those such topics your post count increases.

    Again, please do not necropost updates as it causes mass hysteria (one time someone commented on Advance of the Union 2 and thought another Advance of the Union was going to happen) thank you.

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    I tried to close update threads but Andy got mad at me D:<

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    Because you closed it too early, I'd say a week or two after the event/update is over is a good time to close unless it's the latest update.

    Time to add this to my list of threads to keep a hold of:

    ^ The other two.
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