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    ♥ A Challenger Approaches? ♥

    So there I rested, tired from the daily tedium, when a strange thing happened. I was in a Skype call with a few friends, and one of them mentioned how much the missed playing CoD. I laughed and stated humorously that I missed playing Combat Arms more than I missed playing CoD. Suddenly we all started reminiscing about playing Combat Arms and MS. As I sat there thinking, my face darkened as an old enemy resurfaced. I knew I would have to overcome said enemy if I wanted to play again. That enemy is... Nexon America. The dreaded host of GMS that revels in their incompetence as hackers and exploiters overrun all of their games.

    I kept on reminiscing. I remembered reading Spadow's Blog and getting worked up over future updates.

    Wait a moment.

    Spadow... KMS... Nexon America you shall not stop me~!


    A former on-and-off player of GMS Windia.

    My highest is an astronomical 127 Mercedes(F)

    Very briefly a hacker(leecher), though It only in the end increased my ever present disappointment in Nexon America.

    So here I am: 19, soon to be 20, Returning for the billionth time to the game that will drain the life from me and turn it into sunshine, rainbows, and maybe a 6-digit hurricane.

    I'm probably going to drag a couple of people along with me when I start playing.

    When you lose a battle, it could only be your fault, regardless of rank or status, for not leading your allies to victory.

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    Lol then Welcome back hope you don't quit again this time



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