About 4 months ago, I said I "returned" to Maple, but to say the truth, I didn't since I had stopped at the start of January, I felt it was pretty boring, getting out again. Time pass, I wanted to come back, always reading shakar and max, but I was full with all the tests, plus trying to get money for my graduation .
But when I saw that Luminous character, I decided to come back, but this time for real, since I'm Brazilian (and the school system is different), I'll have one month brake on July. Though, I'm still planning to finish one more test, finish a borrowed game and prepare for a typical brazilian party (called festa junina, in english june festival, you'll probably won't know) tomorrow, I'll be preparing for the incoming, so Admins, at the moment I don't need to be added to the guild back. Just wanted to say that! I hope I find new friends from those who registered in the site after my departure, and see some old ones!