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    Greetings! (again)

    Hello, I joined Leafre about about a year ago and than my computer had a big amount of issues when I moved (it fell and got destroyed). I finally have a new one and am here to stay, I love Maple and have being playing it since it came out of beta.
    A little story from Maple:
    I remember when I was training my level 8 mage, and I had a lot of mana problems, was grinding to the left of Ellinia, and I had 20 blue pots. Some guy asked for mana pots, he was also level 8. I traded him and give him 10 just to be nice, even though I knew it would end with me running out of mana and having to wait for regen (this was my first character). When I traded him the 10 pots he gave me 5 mil, I remember how shocked I was as I considered that a LOT of money, and thus started my merching journey to the money I have today! ^^
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