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    We'll see >:D

    Greetings Community!

    Greetings fellow Maplers! As for, no one wants me in EMS nor GMS, Ive always wanted to play on KMS tho' Ive never got a chance to, so here I am! ^^
    Ive got some questions to ask before jumping into the game (aaand getting to lvl 5):

    1. I expect KMS to be heavily populated, like, real HEAVY, so, what about the English players there? Is there a big English community also, like in here?
    2. What about guilds, there should be english guilds~
    3. Whats the most crowded server in-game? I dont think I will be able to read the names lol, so, how does the icon look like? xD
    4. These KMS accounts that the Admins here are providing us with, are one per IP and legal, or?
    5. Do "Job Rotations" or atleast thats how I call them, exist here also?
    6. Can you craft cubes here?
    7. Aaaand regarding the P2W aspect, well, I know its kind of a P2W game, but i know people playing with a very little amout of money spend mainly on costumes and character slots and theyre going pretty well. Maplestory's P2W is more like a "Pay real money and get stuff done faster.", right? A non-paying player can also get godly equips and cube them to godly stats, it just takes more time. Thats how i understand it.
    8. What about English Patches or soemthing? Does that exist? Or just, everythings in Korean~?
    9. Do I have to make a name out of non-English letters or It doesnt matter in-game? :D
    10. And I need some help on this one, how can i download KMS? Because Im 100% unaware of foreign languages like korean (what you can tell from my English skillz~) and cant really download the client, and to get an account here for KMS, Ive got to login once with the test acc. :/

    Well, I guess thats it? Atleast for now, it is. Cya in-game and definetly on the forums!
    P.S. Whoever reading this is playing KMS, feel free to drop me your nickname and once im avalible to play Ill hit you up and we can play together. :3 #lonely
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    Hey! Glad to meet you!

    I can answer a few of your questions :)

    Oh all the server names are in English so it is very easy to locate them!
    Leafre also has a English speaking Alliance in the world Luna.
    You will not expect to find many English speaking members on any server besides Luna, so I would suggest sticking with that server.
    Your name can be in English characters so you are not restricted to the Korean character set.

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    Hi, welcome! Same, no one wants me in GMS. Sad am I right? rofl. To answer question #10, read the Getting Started Guide. Scroll down to the Downloading, Installing, and Starting the Game section and there should be files ready for you to download. When you're done with that apply for an account and you're on your way to KMS!^^ I'm still waiting on mine...Hopefully, it doesn't take you multiple attempts to download it because I'm stupid and failed miserably.



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