Hi everyone, I recently just came back to MapleStory after about 2 years of quitting since GMS got boring, with everyone hacking, scamming, and botting it just got so boring that I couldn't find fun in it anymore. But then about 2 months ago my friend said let's play MapleStory again since we were both really bored and it was Summer break at the time, so after about 1 and a half months of playing GMS it is getting boring since I have pretty much played everything and i'm looking for something new. So I looked up how to get a KMS account and was led here. So for a TLDR, Quit MapleStory for 2 years, came back and played GMS for a bit, got bored and i'm looking for something new. And if you really want to know what I like, then these are the things that I enjoy the most: Anime, Video Games, Comedy, Drawing and Technology/Science, i'm pretty much a nerd.