Well, let's see. I've played Maplestory since early '06. I've played every single class Nexon has released, and gotten to atleast 4th job on them all. I don't have a level 200 though :c
My name is Reid, and I live in Texas. Not a big fan of it here though... I work at Petco as the Aquatic and Reptile Specialist. I plan on moving to Wisconsin here pretty soon, because a Petco up there offered me a management position. I own a Leopard gecko and a Tiger Salamander c: They're cool~
Recently, I was banned on GMS. Nexon and their lovely Auto-Ban System got me, for no reason. I've never hacked a day in my life, but Nexon would like to disagree. Apparently killing a few yellow slimes in Terra forest is now considered "hacking"... Silly Nexon.
I used to be a DJ on Maple-Radio, I was DJ Peddy n.n It was a fun job.
I'm a tad unorganized at this thread. Hope you don't mind :P
Anywho, there I am. I can't wait to join you all in KMS when I get a chance!