Ok well I'm a male who lives in California and I just love playing video games, watching animes and all sorts of stuff :3 I joined this forum because I discovered that I could get a kms account through this forum and would also become part of a pretty awesome community that also loves playing video games or at least maplestory. Maplestory was the second mmorpg that I've ever played, the first being runescape :p after playing maple for the first time I just fell in love with it :) although back then I had the very little patience with the game and could never get a character past level 20 x) after gms grew so much I came back to gms after maybe like 2-3 years and fell in love with the game all over again :3 after I started getting into it again I decided to look into playing on kms which led me here :) ok haha well if anyone wants to know more about me or just wants to talk pm me :D mkay bye~~