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    Smile Hello, I'm Insult.

    Hi, my forum name is Insult. I am new to Leafre. I heard about this website a few years ago but I never bothered to register until now.

    Some info about me.
    I got to play GMS back in late 2005.
    I play in GAZED - Demethos. My main character is currently Phantom.
    I prefer close ranged characters such as warriors, thieves, and pirates.
    I mostly speak English. My Korean is terrible.
    I never drank coffee during my lifetime. I plan on starting when I'm 20.
    I take out my anger and frustration at my slime doll sometimes. Yes, it's a real doll and not in-game.

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    Hey there Insult, Welcome to Leafre!

    Be sure to read the Getting Started Guide, The Forum Rules and Leafre's Ultimate Guide Now go click dat shiz, they will make things much easier for you.

    Also, we recommend that you read the[Info]Starting Your KMS Adventure – RED Edition guide to help you depart on your journey. Lastly you should read the [Info]Ultimate Translation Project v3! for some useful translations.

    Hope you enjoy your stay at Leafre.



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