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    Hello Kind Folks of Leafre

    Hello =)
    Well this account was just recently created and I haven't customised it much but will find time to customise it.
    Hello again hehe
    Well then, I have known for a while now, although as I have only recently created an account, there are still many things
    I don't know about so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make.
    On the side of Maplestory, I do not really need an account for the foreseeable future but it's okay I guess.
    I am quite active on Youtube, my account has the same name as this
    Personally, I am a 24 going to be 25 year old teacher in Singapore =)
    Also explains why I don't have much time for much else as always busy with school stuff
    I also happen to be quite lonely, which explains why I seem to be quite free on the weekends, where there will be more activity, although I tend to sleep late.
    Well I think that's enough rambling from me(hehe sorry if it's too much)
    Thank you very much, and as the Japanese say:
    Have a great day people =)

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Gift received at 08-14-2012, 10:22 AM from KremeChoco
    Oh, a Singaporean teacher who knows Japanese? Darn, I can't troll you...

    Hmmm... Well, you know how I greet people, so here it is regardless. I apologize for nobody else greeting you.

    Follow the arrows on the picture.

    Then read this:

    Unless you want me to find you.

    Please remember to be patient, however with your schedule the way it is, it seems as though patience should be okay. Try not to spam.

    Yada yada yada. Don't make me regret being nice.
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