hi guys, i know i just came here....
and this is crazy
but i kinda like maple
so lets make me an acc and play together...maybe.

XD i know yall love that, don't ya?

name's Chaos, chaosdevel. many people like to call me angels (since my ign is usually something like angelswarth or angelsbless) but have also made accs called magnusOpus and Asurama (though not on the main sever)

in addition to maple story, i play mw3, GC, Elsword, and a wee bit of flyff psevers. if you guys wanna hit me up there, just pm meh, ill be glad to drop my info there

all that said, i hope i enjoy it here, the admins seem cool enough, and so the community will hopefully follow suit.

so see you around...
and my the odds, be ever in your favor.