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Thread: Hello Leafre!

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    Cool Hello Leafre!

    Hello Leafre Community!

    My name is Brandon and I am excited to get to know all of you!

    -My Hobbies-
    • Computer Programing
    • Learning Japanese
    • Playing Games
    • Learning new things

    -About Me-
    • Freshman in College
    • Majoring in Computer Science
    • 20 Years old
    • Born on the East Coast
    • Love to make a great first impression
    • Gets upset when I see my peers upset

    I have been playing Global Maplestory sense one year before the creation of the Pirate class. I have a level 211 Evan and I am the highest level Evan in the world Arcania. I hope to acquire an account for the Korean Maplestory so i am able to recreate my Evan and make it even better.

    I hope that we all can get along and I'm glad to meet all of you!

    Thanks for taking your time and reading!

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    Hi Brandon! Hopefully you're able to fulfill your goal in KMS!

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    Thank you very much Floral!



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