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    Hello my name is Daniel

    Hello my name is Daniel and i have played maplestory since the start of GMS. i had an active guild but then europe got banned and all my friends were gone, because they were banned. i switched to EMS but my friends would not play it since it was so far behind GMS.
    Why am i joining

    Because i am looking for an active community to chat with and play MS with.
    i have quite much time and have multiple level 100+ characters in EMS. but sadly EMS has only went download since everyone started hacking, and everyone had super goldy
    items and it was not possible for noobs to buy ANYTHING in the FM.

    So because of the EMS community only going down, and all my friends left maple, i looked for an active committed community to play with and chat with.
    i will try to be online every day if possible and i am looking forward to meet new people.

    i am so sorry, for some reason my Mac 2x posted. and i dont know how to delete the post :)
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