Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself, my name is Kryptikxx but you can just call me kryptik or what ever seems easier for you!
I used to play global maplestory long ago back in 2007 (well in my opinion that's long time!) but I forgot my account information. So I decided I might as well create a new account so I remember how to do everything!
I was so amazed with all these new classes, especially the dual blade and in a few weeks time I was already level 125! But then when I saw the classes in kms I was astonished and decided to try and sign up for an account little did I know it was more complicated then gms!
I was reading up on the rules and I noticed I already had activity level 5 but I made this account a couple months ago and felt that I was kind of "cheating" the community so I though why not get involved! After all I might learn some new things!
Hopefully the kind community of leafre will help me out on my adventure, I might even record myself doing a series on Kms even though I don't understand any of it at all!

Well thank you for listening to my long speech! Hopefully I will get to meet some of you guys and hear about how you got into kms.
Also I was curious to see if anybody here managed to play kms with other people without knowing any korean?
Have a nice day~