Howdy, 안녕하세요!

I just joined here yesterday, and while I met a few of you through the chatbox, I felt I should formally introduce myself to everyone. :)

My name is Ezro, and I am a huge MapleStory fan. I've been playing MapleStory since GMS launched (even though my highest level was only 100), and I love the artwork and music in the game; I personally find them to be the most unique aspects of the game.

My reason for joining this community is dual parted: While I am joining to experience all of the new content that MapleStory has to offer, my main reason is that I just started learning Korean. I felt that if I were to immerse myself with Korean, I would be able to pick it up much faster, since I have no daily encounters with it (besides when I study it).

Well, that's about it. :)

So, I hope to eventually see all of you in KMS!