Hey guys my name is Even (believe it or not its also my irl name) and I've been playing maplestory for nearly 6 years now. Because Im from europe I would naturally only play ems but I've also played gms in the past. The reason why I stopped playing gms was because I felt like it was really dead and hard to get into an european community when I started the game alone, so I moved back to ems. Ever since then I've been playing that game but Im starting to have my doubts if ems is going to live for long and I really dont mind the korean language so I would like to try kms if I get the chance to. I was watching the livebroadcast (my twitch.tv account is staticizer if someone remember me) at twitch.tv yesterday and if the community is just like that there is a high chance that I will enjoy my time here at leafre.net. I plan to get some more friends to signup here aswell but so far I only got one of my friends to do it.

So I hope you guys will like me aswell (or at least eventually :) )