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Thread: Hey guys!

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    Hey guys!

    I hope to be able to really help work in this forum, so I feel that I should introduce myself. I played maplestory on and off for years, but I was never able to really form into a coherent group of friends there. Having played WoW practically since launch, I knew how great it was to be in a good group of friends online (in my guild), but I was never able to come into the same there. Eventually growing tired of the price of GMS, I tried playing on a private server for a while, and I learned through working on the forums there and talking to people about the down server or workarounds for certain errors that it builds a much better community, and a much tighter group of friends. Now that that server has finally been taken down (goodbye ArcaneMS </3), I wanted to try playing on this one, because from the looks of this forum it has a similar vibe. Given the language barrier, it looks like people have to work together to get things done, which I think is really cool :)

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    And I just realized that I'm level 19, because I started this a long time ago and forgot.... But still I think I'll wait a little bit before trying to make an account. that just doesn't seem fair haha

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    Welcome to Leafre, Aristoddle. Nice name, by the way. Is it supposed to be Aristotle? Well, it's very similar... Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your time here. Also, two quick things, one good, one bad. On the bad side, you double posted. You probably didn't mean to, so just watch out for that in the future. On the good side though, that is very mature of you to wait. Not many of the current newcomers would have that kind of self control. When you do apply, good luck.



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