hey! i'm matt and i'm pretty new to leafre, but i hope to get my own kms account so i can play on korea's server, i'd like to see how much it differs from gms and to try out all the new classes
before they get released in gms.

right now i'm currently reading up on all the different things i should know and the requirements for applying for an account, and soon i hope to apply!

i have always been interested in playing kms, but never knew that there was a way i could, because of the need for a kssn. i've played gms for years now, ever since there were only
adventurer classes so i'm not new to the game.

i'm pretty big on the computer, i also play LoL, dragon nest, and a bunch of other games.
i'd love to get involved with the leafre community and one day play with you guys on the korean server!