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    Hey what's up, guys, My names Gabriel!

    So yes, by all means, I suppose my forum account name is rather boring, I guess that's just me. xD

    My name is Gabriel, feel free to call me Gabe for short. I am a nerd (A bio and computer nerd specifically) in pretty much every sense of that word, and pretty damn proud of it too. Im 18 years old, I just graduated High school and I live in Maryland in the U.S., Just outside of Washington D.C. and I work in a few labs across the state from time to time My particular Interest is in cancer treatment. I enjoy playing guitar and singing in my down time, sort of have a band going but we don't have a name yet (someone pitched "steel mountain, but I just though that was plain out awful), we just have these very random jam sessions for now, may start putting up vids soon. My friends dragged me into maple back around 8th grade (against my will, I fought pretty hard. (My initial thought was that the game looks like I'm playing some kind of power puff girl ripoff) But no regrets, It turned out to be a rather amazing game, and has kept me linked to friends that I may never be able to see again. (so does facebook, but... Meh) I can't promise I'll be the most active person in the world, I do have work and starting spring I have a full ride to UMD. I got into a few other places, (U.C Berkley was one that was my top choice) but do to my financial need of my family, I cannot go to far. I look forward to being a member of this community as much as I can, both in and out of game. My name is BlazingGabe at the moment on GMS, I play in Bello, and feel free to meet me up!

    If Tl;Dr, Hi, my names Gabe.
    Welp... Leave it to the human race do discover a new species...and wonder what it tastes like...

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    Hey Gabe! Cancer treatment and play the guitar? That is a nice combination! Liked the short version though, lol. Anyhow, Welcome to Leafre!



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