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    Jr. Celion
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    Jan 2012


    Hello, I'm Sakura4li...but you can call me Jas!
    I actually stumbled this once but I didn't take notice since the only sites I go to for KMS is Orange Mushroom's Blog, EllinForest and so on (<- those aren't advertising is it? :s)
    I was googling for phantom's skill build when I clicked on Phantom's steal build! Tada! Here I am!
    I didn't really know this site is popular (I need to expand my surfing net wider!)
    Anyway...I'm pretty...hyper at er, just ignore me if I start talking in caps (that's what I do in GMS :D)

    Talk? :D

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    Wild Boar
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    Jan 2012
    Haha, hey Jas. Welcome to Leafre and enjoy~,
    BTW, Jas as in Jasmin/Jasmine? Just curious..



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