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Thread: Hi guys :D

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    Talking Hi guys :D

    Hi everyone! I'm Shewy (my real name is Chris). I am new to the leafre community so I'm looking forward to meeting you all :)
    Here's a bit about me

    I played in Bera, gms ever since around v34 (I think that was it, not sure. It had the tutorial where you wore the apple suit), but after the big bang update, I left for quite a while. I then rejoined to play the new content, but it was honestly not as fun due to the new community (mean and selfish people everywhere saying things like "CC noob!" Or "ILL KS YOU ALL DAY" as soon as I enter a map). Recently I found this site, and from the forums, I became interested in joining the english speaking kms community here, so I joined

    I can't wait to make new friends in this amazing community Feel free to add me and we could play kms together

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    Von Leon
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    Hi welcome to Leafre! My name is Gogeta and I hope to be seeing you regularly! Make sure to check out the forum rules, the getting started guide, Leafre's Ultimate Guide and,[Info] Starting Your KMS adventure! If you need any help plz contact me by a PM :D.

    Leafre - Korean MapleStory English Community - Forum Rules & Privacy Policy

    @John has a great translation project v3 post! Go check that out too :D!

    Ultimate Translation Project v3

    Please check the forum rules and privacy policy for sure, so that you don't get infracted, you know all the rules, and I think the admins will appreciate it :D!
    Also be sure to check out the getting started guide since well your new and the getting started guide will tell you all there is to know!

    I joined the community quite a long time ago and I had this really bad PC. Honestly, to load up MS I had to wait like 20 minutes. I just couldn't handle it so I stopped playing. Recently, I got a new PC and can run any game easily. So I'm back on MS and back on Leafre. I hope some of you remember me and I hope to see new faces.

    See you around,



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