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Thread: Hi~ Im Daniel

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    Hi~ Im Daniel

    Hello members of Leafre
    My name is Daniel and I just joined here and i hope i have a good time :)
    Well currently im 13/....
    Anyways i really enjoy maplestory
    I am also Part Korean meaning that my parents are both korean so i have experience in koreanish
    BUT that means im not the best.
    I am rather bad at korean.
    Anyways i enjoy Techno,Ballad, RAP ( <3 rap) especially Krap i also like musical and i like Dj remixes and i also like What is love? by Haddaways lulz.
    Anyways after i become connected to leafre i will hopefully join the Leafre members in KMS!
    Also if i do make one is there like a guild? And if so who do i contact?
    Anyways Let's Have a GOOD TIME!
    if you want to add me GMS add me dtigerjkjk lvl 91 DW (trying to get a UA Hero).
    I joined MS in PreBB ( 2007+) but i was only 8 i actually played maple at 6..( .......) anyways the highest lvl i got was 40 and left cause
    Maple was really a challenge i would fame people who were 100+. I made like 50 accounts O-O
    anyways going to stick with this acc.
    I live in Canada BC!

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    eww a canadian... jk

    honestly welcome daniel, hope you get a kms acc and thats a long list that you have thar. btw what world are you in nao?

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    I am in Windia currently :)
    Eww a noncanadian :DragonIgnore: Jjkjk :)



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